Friday, February 26, 2010

Between the Two, My Life Flows

Wisdom Tells me I am nothing;
love tells me I am everything.
Between the two, my life flows.

Indian proverb

In a certain sense Zen is to feel Life,
Instead of feeling something about life.

Alan Watts

Never forget to breath. Throughout the day, I discover that I have been holding my breath; surviving on the minimum amount of oxygen. I have yawning episodes, I feel sleepy, exhausted, bored. My brain, my muscles, my organs are slowly dying from lack of oxygen. There is an abundance of it around me, and yet I am not making use of it. Several times a day, in all kinds of weather I walk my dog. It is during these times I become conscious of my body position, abdomen, and lungs. I hold my upper body erect, draw air in deeply through my nose. I become aware of the smell of the earth, trees, lake, rain, decomposing leaves. I become aware. I pull my shoulders back and breath in again and again as we walk and wonder where my senses have been all day. They have been shut off, turned down, tuned into a computer; all eyes and frontal lobe. Family members wander in to speak to me but I smile and give them no real attention. I cannot stop what I am doing or the thought will be lost. Where am I living? Between wisdom and love, between feeling something about life and feeling LIFE...smelling life...hearing life...knowing life...

This is not our practice life...This is our real life.

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