Monday, March 8, 2010

Horribly Bumpy Sidewalks, fake cobblestones!

Imitating outdated is sort of like how Radio Shake began making record players that look like old fashioned radios. Strange, really strange. But here is the big question, and I am sure that mothers with strollers, bicyclers, those in electric wheelchairs and other mobility devices are wondering, "WHY DO THE SIDEWALKS HAVE TO BE SO BUMPY, AND WHY DO BUILDERS NEED TO MAKE THE PAVEMENT LOOK LIKE OLD FASHIONED COBBLESTONE???" Does this make any sense at all? When I was a child, sidewalks were made out of large slabs of slate. Hence they had separations between the squares, because really, "how big could a slab of slate be, and still hang together?" Now the sidewalks are made of cement, but for some unknown reason, even though for the most part, they are one long piece of cement, the builders feel they must divide them up in big squares. This way the cement looks similar to the slate sidewalk squares of yester-year, (except that they are cement, and sort of white-beige). Now they are are unnecessarily bumpy, very, very bumpy; teeth rattling, bone-jarring, bumpy. I could really do without the separations. I do realize that from time to time there are actual separations, where a new slab of concrete is poured. Fine, it cannot be helped. But to add divisions unnecessarily, seem insane.

Along the same lines, many of the outdoor mall areas seem to think folks will spend more money if the road looks like it was laid in the 1800's. So they shape the concrete into fake cobblestones. If you are in an electric wheelchair, as I am, this is excruciatingly painful. Yesterday I was at a mall that thought it would look interesting to put fake cobblestones on all of their handicapped ramps at each corner! Where is the sense in this???? It boggles my mind. When I got home yesterday, I had to crawl into bed. It took me two hours to stop vibrating from being bounced around so violently.

What can be done? Does anyone have a suggestion?

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